Kody was adopted today by a wonderful gentleman, Godfrey, and her new big sister, Mia! 
What a perfect forever home for one of my '6 pack' kids. Thank you and happy loving life sweet girl.     








Just wanted to let you know Tucker/Rowdy is doing great, I have attached some pictures. My family and I love this puppy, we are so glad we adopted him.







Brody was left tied to the gate of one of our volunteers with a note asking AFS to find him a good home.  His foster family sure did just that.  Brody, now known as Chewie, now lives in Austin with his forever family!  His adopters Francis and Justine have given him the kind of loving home we want all of our dogs to find.  They recently wrote to Chewie’s foster family:


“We have been meaning to send you some pictures of Brody/Chewie. He is doing so well. We try to take him to the off leash area every day and he gets along well with all the other dogs at the park. We also take him to doggie daycare every Wednesday so he can have some more time with other dogs. He loves snuggling with us on the couch and playing with his toys. He's doing really well with heel, sit, lie down and stay. We are so glad that we found him and are very thankful to you for fostering him. Here are some recent pictures.”


Now that’s what we call a successful adoption!

- Justine and Francis






I wanted you to see how Jake is settling in with his new family. The group picture shows Lucy at top left, Sadie at bottom left, Jake at top right, and Clara at bottom right. The picture of Jake by himself shows his beautiful coat.


He and our youngest dog, Sadie, have become good buddies, and they do alot of "wild and crazy" playing. We've been surprised at how energetic he is for a 9-yr.-old "senior citizen". He sleeps alot, but he's always ready to be involved in whatever activities are going on. My husband throws a ball for the dogs to chase, and Jake is often the one who gets to it first. He'll even bring it back and drop it at my husband's feet! We don't know if it was the volunteers at Animal Friends who taught him to fetch, sit, and lie down, or whether he was trained back in his puppy days, but he still remembers what to do. He's a great dog! Thanks for all the good work you and the others do. You are very special people!





One of our wonderful Volunteers/Fosters has taken little Serenity as their own. Serenity had been shot and was found on the side of the road in Industry laying next to a deer that also had been shot. As a result, she lost her front leg and needed a quiet place in which to recouperate. Joanne Klauber and her husband Chuck contacted us almost immediately with an offer to Foster, but then decided to adopt her. Your kindness to animals is incredible !! We love you!




Mutt, one of our Jack Russel mixes, got a home the week before Thanksgiving. And I am sure he had a little bit of turkey with his kibble this year. A wonderful retired couple fell in love and had to have him. We are soooo happy for Mutt. Now we just need to find a forever home for his brother Jeff.




We had an adoption at Market Day in Bellville. Boxcar, a wonderful Pit Bull, was adopted by a couple and is living very large with lots of new toys and even though he has never been in a home enviornment (that we know of ) goes to the door when he needs to potty and has not had one accident. They absolutely adore him. AFS could not be happier when adoptions go this well.


Mary Jane


Here's a couple pics I snapped this morning showing Mary Jane's progress... we're so happy with her! She began wanting to hang out in the kennel about mid-week and last night I led her into the dog room and closed the door so she had to figure out how to use the doggy door. She was outside the dog room this morning so I knew she went out, but wasn't sure if she felt comfortable coming in on her own. But she watched Savannah come through a couple times and since the water dish was inside the room and she was thirsty, it didn't take long for her to get over her fear. I thought she'd curl up on one of the comforters, but she seems to prefer the cool tile floor for now.

I think she's made wonderful progress for a week's time! She and Savannah hang out together quite a bit. I'm even getting wagged at now.