• Lucille3
    DOB - 9/13

    Keep on the sunny side of life! That’s my motto! My name is Lucille, affectionately nicknamed Lucy Goose. My smile reflects my attitude. You see, I have cataracts which can’t be corrected, but the way I look at things…….. it’s only a problem if you rearrange the furniture!!!!! I am happy and loving, and that’s the lens I see through. I’m looking for a special person or family that looks at life like I do! I need a fenced yard so I am secure and safe, and home that can hold all the love I have to give. I’m fully vaccinated, spayed, micro-chipped, house trained, and I get along well with other dogs, too! Won’t you brighten my day and give Animal Friends Shelter a call? 979-865-2525. Leave a message and they will call you back right away!
  • Nicki2
    DOB: 1/08

    Get out your hankies folks. My name is Nicki. I have spent most of my life with Animal Friends Shelter. The 2016 tax day flood took the shelter and two of my friends. I was one of the lucky ones who survived. We all went to foster care and then I finally got adopted!!!!! But my new family didn’t listen when they said I was highly afraid of rain and thunder….. who wouldn’t be after my experience! Well, I was left outside and ran off in a thunderstorm.. I was lost for two months and now I’m back home with AFS. I am a super sweet senior Shepherd mix who just wants a happy ending. A quieter, indoor environment would be perfect. I think I’ve earned it. Please call Animal Friends today at 979-865-2525 to help me, Nicki, and give me a safe and loving home. She is vaccinated, spayed, and micro-chipped. AFS is a no-kill organization.
  • Milly1
    About Milly ~ DOB 6/13
    Lab, Boxer mix

    My name is Milly! I'm a gorgeous Lab mix at about 55lbs. I'm really sweet, loving and adore attention. I would love a yard to play in. My hobbies are long walks, sniffing out interesting smells and well, I LOVE mealtimes. I just want be part of your family! I have done well in the house and would do well again in your home too. I'd work best with a single dog family of adults/older children or with an easy going male dog companion. I might just be your new best friend and we can be silly together or just have some quality quiet time too. Call Animal Friends Shelter of Austin County at 979-865-2525 and ask about me, Milly! I'll have a volunteer call you back!
  • calamityjane
    About Calamity Jane ~ DOB 06/14

    Calamity Jane……. Daredevil, adventurer, companion, brave, and kind. No wonder I was named after her! I’m a Border Collie mix about 50 lbs.. I’m energetic and love to play, but settle down nicely and will be easy to train in the house. I can wander so I need a secure fence I can't climb. Super smart and agile so some training in obedience would be great, I'd excel in sports. Cat's are probably not a great commodity for me to be around, would love a buddy dog to play with! Just like the wild west gal I was named after, I am smart, clever and eager to please. Call 979-865-2525 today and ask about Calamity Jane! I’d love to have an overnight sleep over with you! Animal Friends Shelter is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Call today to adopt, foster or donate.
  • Coco
    About Coco Chanel ~ DOB 12/14

    Coco Chanel once said, “ A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!” Well….. I guess I know why I was named after her! I’m a beautiful Staffordshire Terrier mix with gorgeous eyes and lovely markings. I am a high energy girl who loves attention and loves to play. I am looking for a family with a great yard that I can run around in. I could grow into a super exercise companion, too. I am living with my foster mom who has crate trained me and house trained me, too. That’s the classy part. I have had all my vaccinations, been spayed, and take flea and heartworm prevention every month. That’s fabulous. Oh, and I have a micro-chip! That’s just extra bling! Please call the shelter today and tell them that little fashionista, Coco, is the one for you! Animal Friends Shelter – 979-865-2525
  • Frieda
    DOB: 2/12

    Frieda's my name! I am a medium size Black Lab/Amstaff mix. I'm an outdoor kinda gal and hate to brag, but I am super smart and friendly. I have good manners like 'sit' and 'stay', I really want to please you. They say I'd probably be really good with kids too! I even love the MAILMAN! He gives me treats and loves on me when he comes to my foster mom and dads house! Ok, it's up to my new forever family to call Animal Friends Shelter of Bellville at 979-865-2525 and ask to meet me, Frieda!
  • GG
    DOB: 3/13

    I'm Greta Garbo, but all my friends call me GG for short. I'm a hound mix and I weigh about 60lbs. My foster mom has taught me where to sleep in the house in my very own crate, Sometimes being in the house too long is a challenge 'cause I can't always hold it. I'm very sweet and live with several other canine friends and my sibling Maureen! If you'd like to meet me, just call Animal Friends Shelter of Bellville at 979-865-2525 or send them an email! I'll be so happy to hear from you! Love, GG
  • Emilee2
    About Emilee ~ DOB 3/13
    Per DNA test results: Australian Cattle Dog, Akita, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bull Terrier. (levels 2-4)

    It's me... Emilee! My foster mom found me on a back road and I'd been wandering around there for quite some time. I'm about 3 yoa, a petite 40lbs. I LOVE to put my nose to the ground and go! I don't 'do' cats AT ALL. I'm loving & energetic, enjoy going for long walks and playing, riding to go see the rest of the world out there with you! I've had all my vaccinations, I'm heartworm negative, spayed and microchipped too! I get along great with submissive-type dogs, preferably male. I just really wanna be your girl! Animal Friends Shelter at 979 865 2525!
  • RaleighNew
    DOB: 12/12

    OMG! Hello! My name is Raleigh and I'm a happy go lucky 70lb hunk of love in the form of a Rottweiler mix. I get along with all my doggy friends I meet and play with it seems. Cat's are great exercize if they run! I know how to sit, love to fetch and riding in a vehicle is just about the bestest thing! I can be quite the escape artist if my humans aren't around, so I need a no climb or privacy fenced in yard. If your looking for a loving, active big boy, I'm your guy.
  • Bert_5aa
    DOB 8/08

    They call me Bert....Bert the FlIrt! Bert's a super handsome Staffordshire Bull Terrier and he could be the poster child for the breed. He and his friend Ernie were rescued after being tied to a fence and left to starve. Bert holds no grudges and is friendly and very loving. He wants so badly to be a lap dog and doesn't mind helping himself to YOUR lap! Because he is strong and muscular, Bert’s ideal owner would be someone who's strong, loveable like him and who has a big open heart like his. This beautiful dog has been neutered, fully vaccinated, and micro-chipped. If you have a fenced yard and can provide a loving and safe home for Bert, call Animal Friends Shelter today. 979-865-2525.
  • Dixie
    About Dixie ~ DOB 1/12

    Per DNA test results: Irish Setter, Collie, Rat Terrier.

    I'm whistling Dixie and that just happens to be my name! I’m a super sweet gal, a more petite size about 45lbs. I have had all of my shots, been spayed, and I have a micro-chip, too. Life is really looking up from when I was first rescued! I'm energetic, love long walks, hikes and LOVE runs! I'd probably do best with a single dog family, or maybe another easy going male 4 legged companion my size. I’m hoping that the next time my address changes it will be with my forever family. Call Animal Friends Shelter today and make an appointment to meet me! 979-865-2525.
  • Happy
    About Happy ~ DOB 10/6

    I'm so Happy your reading my profile and taking a look! I'm still looking for a family who wants an energetic, good looking, bull terrier mix with beautiful amber eyes. I've been told I've got really COOL looking ears! I'd really like to be the only male dog in the house, as I'm just a little set in my ways, but hey, ain't we all? The shelter is open by appointment so call 979-865-2525 and leave a message that you want to come on out! I'll be lookin' for ya and I'll be Happy to see ya! PS: I LOVE treats!
  • Ernie_new
    Ernie ~ DOB 10/08

    Hi my name is Ernie! I'm a handsome, slightly chunky Staffordshire Terrier mix. My brother and I were both tied up and left to starve. He's the well known Bert the Flirt! We came to the shelter together! I'm not as outgoing as him at first, but boy.... when someone really hangs around and gets to know me, they find out I'm just as big a flirt and loving as ole Bert! I'm energetic, love to play and VERY smart! I'm all ready for a new forever home. I'm selective about my canine pals, prefer the girls of course, if I do have a canine buddy. Cats and small children, well, between you and me, I'd prefer a home without them. Call the good folks at Animal Friends Shelter in Bellville, leave a message for Ernie! 979-865-2525.
  • RowdyNew
    About Rowdy ~ DOB 11/10

    Rowdy's my name and fun is my game! Being a Black Mouth Cur, I'm know for loyality and we make great family dogs! I'm a bit shy at first, but happy and loving young lady. I'd love to be your partner, hiking, jogging or sightseeing. I like loading up and riding in a comfy back seat, I'd probably be great with agility or other doggie sports too and I get along with most other dogs. Hhmmmm, we'd just have to see about cats or small pet pals, but I don't mind trying! My eyes are slightly crossed which the volunteers say adds to my charm, personality and individuality! I'm all ready for my new forever home, in fact, I can hardly wait! I 'room' with my brother Runty but maybe having a 'room' of my own wouldn't be so bad if we aren't adopted together. Call Animal Friends Shelter of Bellville and ask about me, Rowdy. 979-865-2525.
  • RuntyNew
    About Runty ~ DOB 11/10

    My name is Runty! My foster mom named me that 'cause I was the runt of 9! Yep, count 'em.... 9 puppies! I'm now a big, stout handsome man at about 55lbs or so. All the ladies say how handsome I am! I'm of Black Mouth Cur heritage, so being loyalaty and being family oriented is one of our best attributes. I'd love some room to run and play. I'm a little quarded when meeting new people, but after I get to know you, well.... it's all about the love! I'm roommates with one of my sisters, Rowdy! She's pretty awesome too! It'd be great if we could be adopted together to our forever home, but if not, we'd be ok as long as we have a loving family! Make no bones about it (Gosh, I love milkbones) and call for Runty today! Animal Friends Shelter of Bellville. 979-865-2525!