Animal Friends Shelter is Closing


After thirteen years of rescuing and finding homes for stray and abandoned dogs in Austin County, the Board of Directors of Animal Friends Shelter regretfully announces that we are closing our doors. We have struggled to continue our endeavors since the devastating floods of 2016, and although we have had strong financial support from the community, we just don’t have the volunteer manpower to continue. Our direction now is to find homes for the dogs that are still in our care, or to place them in other shelters that have a mission similar to our own. We have approximately 40 dogs being boarded or in foster homes who need to be placed. Any help doing this will be greatly appreciated. We wish to thank the many people who have supported us over the years with their time, talents, and money. All assets of Animal Friends Shelter will be used for the welfare of the animals still in our care or will be distributed to other 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue groups so that they may continue in the work that we all consider to be so necessary.



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